Oct 072011

 Great Head Overlooking Sand Beach Acadia MaineFor the best Sunday brunch in Bar Harbor, Jeannie’s, 2 Cats, and Café This Way all have fans.  Whether it’s for blueberry pancakes, a trout omelet, or Eggs Benedict, these three all get their share of rave reviews. 

But on this early autumn Sunday morning, it was less about the food and more about the ambience as I decided where to have Sunday brunch in Bar Harbor.

 That didn’t necessarily mean that my food rating would be inferior.  In fact, I started with a thermos of freshly brewed Sumatran – stronger than what most restaurants serve.  Then I headed to Bar Harbor’s Eden Farmers’ Market for the selecton of a pastry. 

Eden Farmers Market Bar Harbor Maine

 As I walked into the market in the YMCA parking lot next to the Ball Field, a young lady made an unequivocal recommendation for homemade donuts, but I pressed on. 


There were purveyors of everything from rainbow chard to squash and carrots.   

Pumpkins Bar Harbor Farmers Market

When I found the baked goods, the seller at first distracted me with a story.  “I’m on my third marriage,” he confessed.  “I’ve finally learned how to make a relationship work.  I don’t call her my wife.  She’s my life manager.”  

 Then he recommended the blueberry scones. 

I proceeded down Route 3 and took the fork left on Schooner Head Road.  At the very end I parked and grabbed by pack full of breakfast.

Birch trees Great Head Trail Acadia National ParkThe birch trees on the trail to Great Head stood like ushers as I moved swiftly forward.  Brilliant berries of the sumac represented a change in vestments for the season. 

Sumac Great Head Trail Acadia National Park

 At the top of this little peninsula, 56 feet above sea level, I celebrated the beauty of the views overlooking Sand Beach and toward Bar Harbor. 

Then I ate, joined by other hikers.

To descend, you can walk down toward Sand Beach to complete the 1.4 mile loop for this little hike.  Or you  can process the way you entered.  Regardless, the congregation of hikers all chatted about the beauty of the morning and the good fortune we had to be on Great Head overlooking Sand Beach on this morning in September.


To read more about the best restaurants in Bar Harbor and throughout Mount Desert Island, visitors to Acadia National Park can find detailed reviews on OUR ACADIA.




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