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Bar Harbor breakfast-goers fall into several categories.  The Fuel-Seekers, who want a hearty breakfast before they hit the trail in Acadia.  The Lingerers, who want to enjoy their vacation relaxing over breakfast, perhaps with a newspaper.   And, of course, the Foodies, who believe that the first meal of the day offers tantalizing taste options.

All three groups designate Café This Way as worthy of “Destination Breakfast” status.

But, first, let’s make sure we can get you there.  Café This Way’s address is listed as 14 Mount Desert Street in Bar Harbor.  Mount Desert Street, which intersects with Main Street, is one of the primary streets leading into Bar Harbor.  Café This Way, however, is located on a flag lot just a few steps off of Mount Desert Street.  A sign marks the way…café this way.  You might also be lucky enough to find a parking spot if you drive this way.

cafe this way bar harbor maine

The vine-covered cottage, which features dining on a porch for about eight tables, has a burgundy interior with colorful paintings throughout.  This color is accentuated by two dramatic yellow crescents on the ceiling, a signal that, although the food is serious here, no one seems to take themselves too seriously.

cafe this way interior




In the same vein, the wait staff here is both very professional and friendly at the same time.  You get the sense that in Bar Harbor breakfast is a very competitive business, and the “best of the best” in wait staff work hard to give their establishment the edge.

Starting at 7am on Monday through Saturday, Café This Way’s staff is there to efficiently serve the Fuel-Seekers pancakes (including blueberry, of course), French toast, granola, oatmeal or perhaps the Country Breakfast – two eggs, two pancakes, ham, home fries, and toast.

The Lingerers, who might want to borrow one of the seriously good reads from the many bookcases throughout Café This Way, can have their Bagel Plate with either smoked salmon or smoked trout, a great alternative.  By the way, one of my favorite omelets at Café This Way features smoked trout, red onions, fresh basil, tomatoes, and parmesan.   There are seven other omelets on the menu to peruse and, if none of those inspires, contemplate creating your own.  That’s an option, too.

Café This Way also serves dinner every night from 5:30 to 9:30, and that fact alone should excite the Foodies.  Believe me when I say that Kit’s Burrito – a tortilla filled scrambled eggs, peppers, onions, cheddar, and sausage and topped with salsa, sour cream, and guacamole – is delicious because it has such fresh, flavorful ingredients.

kits burrito cafe this way bar harbor maine

Creativity also appeals to the Foodies, and this is where the Café This Way is also sure to please.  Take the Café Monte Cristo, for example.  It’s a French toast sandwich filled with a fried egg, ham, and cheddar.  Smother it in maple syrup.

cafe monte cristo cafe this way bar harbor maine

Neither the Fuel-Seekers nor the Lingerers nor the Foodies want a watery cup of coffee.  Everyone endorses the robust flavor of Café This Way’s blend roasted by Carpe Diem.

That brings me to the subject of beverages.  Café This Way has everything from juice by Fresh Samantha to Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate to Iced Chai.  In fact, they have something that other top Bar Harbor breakfast spots do not, and that is a liquor license.

For the Brunch-Goer, what is breakfast without a Bloody Mary or a Mimosa?  Café This Way offers them by the glass or the pitcher.  Their Mimosas can be made with either orange or pomegranate juices or both, which I highly recommend.

Vacationers from around the world converge on Mount Desert Island to enjoy Acadia National Park, where the mountains meet the sea.  And, from mid-April through October,  at Café This Way they’ll find dining where heartiness, comfort, and flavor come together for a breakfast that’s worthy of the destination.

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