Rainy Day Options

9 Rainy Day Options on Mount Desert Island

  1. Visit Mount Desert Islandís micro-breweries. In fact, hope it rains all afternoon so that you can do tours and tastings at both Atlantic Brewing in Town Hill and Bar Harbor Brewing in downtown Bar Harbor.† And bring the kids because the tastings include blueberry soda.
  2. Indulge in a summer vacation tradition and enjoy some buttercrunch, chocolates, or special butter cream fudge at Ben & Billís Chocolate Emporium on Main Street in Bar Harbor.
  3. Go antiquing. There are several interesting shops in Bernard, where you can also eat at Thurston's. Blue Hill is also terrific if you're willing to drive a bit longer.
  4. Shop. One of our favorite spots is The Kimball Shop in Northeast Harbor. Browse among Swanís Island blankets, hand-painted floor cloths, monogrammed barware, brass doorbells, and Simon Pearce pitchers.
  5. Catch up on all of those baby gifts you owe. At Hatched on MDI in Southwest Harbor, you can find many soft and sweet things. They have adorable navy and white striped sweaters decorated with red lobsters.
  6. Try your hand at making a blueberry pie. If thatís too intimidating, try a cobbler.
  7. Learn more about Maine's Native American heritage at the Abbe Museum.††There are innovative exhibits and craft workshops for adults and children.†
  8. Check out the matinee schedule of the Acadia Repertory Theatre in the charming village of Somesville. Thereís a childrenís theatre program in the morning every Wednesday and Saturday during the summer, plus some matinee performances.
  9. Visit Southwest Harbor Public Library, a 125-year-old institution that's a hopping place, with storytimes, games, knitting sessions, seminars, and a fireplace that warms the soul on a raw, rainy day.
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